Inspire Network


The project’s aim is to promote the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation in partner country higher education institutions (HEIs) by strengthening the University-Business cooperation for better employability of social entrepreneurs and for increasing their relevance for the labour market and the society.


The overall objectives of INSPIRE are:

  1. To promote social entrepreneurship in selected Indonesian regions by recognizing their needs and transferring best practice approaches from European to Indonesian HEIs.
  2. To facilitate innovative learning practices in social entrepreneurship education by developing and implementing trainings, workshops and other tools to increase the labour market relevance of social entrepreneurs.
  3. To strengthen cooperation among educational institutions from Indonesia and Europe to foster internationalization of Indonesian HEIs and for the mutual benefit of increased reputation and recognition in the field of social entrepreneurship.
  4. To foster innovation in the field of social entrepreneurship by involving relevant social entrepreneur mentors in the formation of social entrepreneurs and by creating a physical environment where it can be developed.



For the project INSPIRE, four relevant target groups have been identified:

  1. University staff including researchers, teachers and administrative staff
  2. Students having social entrepreneurship aspirations
  3. Social entrepreneurs coming from the private sector
  4. Participating universities located in Indonesia and in European countries


In order to fulfill the objectives of the project, specific activities were designed by the project partners:

  • A total of four exploration studies is conducted (one by each Indonesian HEI) to identify the needs and areas of improvement, including those within the respective HEIs. A special focus will be placed on indigenous and marginalized groups to help eliminate the additional barriers they face.
  • World Cafés are carried out at each participating Indonesian university in order to attract potential social entrepreneurs among students and to raise awareness of the INSPIRE project. At these events, the planned activities and envisioned benefits of the project will be presented. Those events will also work as network events, as all relevant stakeholders of the project will be invited. Thus, those events will also assist in disseminating the project.
  • Student workshops are conducted at each participating Indonesian HEI to introduce students to the topic of entrepreneurship and should cover things like business models, innovation, creation of business plans, social entrepreneurship, etc. In addition, each hosting institution has to provide for an adequate training environment which enables online and offline learning.
  • A business plan competition is held throughout Indonesia including all disciplines and submissions from socially excluded groups are encouraged to stimulate potential social entrepreneurs to further develop their ideas. In addition, the evaluation of the business plans shall support potential entrepreneurs to see whether the idea could turn into a thriving business in the real world.
  • After the winners of the business plan competition are evaluated, they will get mentors who assist them in further developing and executing the ideas. This mentoring process will last for one year and before the mentoring relationship is established, the mentors receive training in order to ensure the best possible support for the winning students. In addition to the mentoring, co-working spaces will be created and equipped with everything the entrepreneurs need to work on their ideas.
  • Bringing together all the participating organizations, multipliers and stakeholders of the project in a final conference, in order to disseminate the project and ensure the sustainability of the project’s results and tools created.

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